Anti-Muslim suspicion in Britain has a whiff of McCarthyism about it


Saying things like “we’ve gone from white hoods to business suits” is one way to seem to speak to contemporary racism’s less vocal, yet still insidious nature. But it does a disservice to the public understanding of racism, and in the process undercuts the mission of drawing attention to contemporary racism’s severity.

It wasn’t the KKK that wrote the slave codes. It wasn’t the armed vigilantes who conceived of convict leasing, postemancipation. It wasn’t hooded men who purposefully left black people out of New Deal legislation. Redlining wasn’t conceived at a Klan meeting in rural Georgia. It wasn’t “the real racists” who bulldozed black communities in order to build America’s highway system. The Grand Wizard didn’t run COINTELPRO in order to dismantle the Black Panthers. The men who raped black women hired to clean their homes and care for their children didn’t hide their faces.

The ones in the hoods did commit violent acts of racist terrorism that shouldn’t be overlooked, but they weren’t alone. Everyday citizens participated in and attended lynchings as if they were state fairs, bringing their children and leaving with souvenirs. These spectacles, if not outright endorsed, were silently sanctioned by elected officials and respected members of the community.

It’s easy to focus on the most vicious and dramatic forms of racist violence faced by past generations as the site of “real” racism. If we do, we can also point out the perpetrators of that violence and rightly condemn them for their actions. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that those individuals alone didn’t write America’s racial codes. It’s much harder to talk about how that violence was only reinforcing the system of political, economic and cultural racism that made America possible. That history indicts far more people, both past and present.

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And stop stop what the FUCK this movie literally portrays Mongols as gray hulking evil beasts—look, their form is barely fucking human. Like how is this not racist?

You’re going to shit on MY culture and call it sexist for shit YOU KNOW 0 ABOUT, and then you’re gonna just ignore the blatant racism perpetrated against the people you’re praising.

Shut the fuck up. Mulan is not and never was about feminism. Stop trying to fucking warp my culture into your fucking little white feminism views. Sit the fuck down.


i hv much to say but i am on my phone
i will deal w this hot steaming mess later

i’m on my computer and at home now so i can deal with this cesspit of misinformation and assholery

first, you are wrong. you are wrong, you are wrong, and i sincerely hope the lot of you and any other ignorant asshat sits on an anthill.

Well that might have to do with the fact that he’s a Hun.

he is not a hun. disney might say a thing, but that does not mean a thing is correct. FIRST, the closest relationship the huns have to chinese history are the xiongnu, but the evidence for that is flimsy at best and is far from being widely accepted

Women were free to hunt and fight along side of the men, could choose their own husbands and divorce him if she choose to. There were even records of clans being led by women leaders. 

yeah, and? you seem to be under the frankly birdbrained idea that chinese notions of gender roles are fixed, and based entirely around the strict neo-confucianist gender roles of the song dynasty, but that’s far from true and chinese society is far from static, even during the song.

tang and song dynasty women were allowed to own businesses, own capital, divorce their husbands, let’s not fucking pretend like china doesn’t have female rulers who, though only one of them was a legitimate sitting emperor, wielded significant amounts of power

that’s not to mention the fact that china has a loooooooongass motherfucking tradition of female warriors, most of whom, UNlike hua mulan, did NOT disguise their genders yet STILL rose to distinction, and most of whom, i might add, ARE VENERATED

ha. ha. funny thing, that. esp given that in most CHINESE depictions of hua mulan, she is the subject of the northern wei court. who ruled the norther wei? you might ask. well, friend, it was the tuoba! which is why the dynasty is also sometimes called the tuoba wei. fun fact, their capital was actually in my hometown of datong, which is where (and when) they carved the yungang grottoes. before they moved it to luoyang. fuck luoyang. now who were the tuoba, you might ask? well, friend, they were a NOMADIC MONGOLIC PEOPLE.

or or or! it could have something to do with the fact that north chinese (along with other vanquished people like the khitans of the liao dynasty the jurchens of the jin and the koreans of the goryeo) were treated as the second-lowest rung of the mongol social ladder! OR the fact that south chinese were treated like the LOWEST rung of that ladder! and god, why would the people at the top of that ladder want to have anything to do with the people at the bottom? but yo, what the hell do i know, i’m just a descendent of those second-lowest people and a willing female participant of this “misogynistic chinese culture” you clearly have so nuanced and wholistic an understanding of.

also, just as a by the way. the khans did, to some extent, assimilate.

but hey! thanks for weighing in on a history you clearly have no education in, a culture you know nothing about, and a folktale that has nothing to do with and which has been destroyed by people like you!!!!

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Pork or nothing for pupils in French far-right towns


Offer valid criticisms of MedievalPoC.. lose followers. 

Being pissed someone decided to speak on behalf of ALL non-White Europeans is wrong of me. It’s not even about “accuracy”, it’s about the many problematic things they have done:

I didn’t even remember to mention about the time they called a Jewish historical figure “White”, insinuated because they’re American , it’s okay to racialize historical Jews as White. They also never corrected themselves & ignored Jewish bloggers who questioned them. 

They posted a picture of “Gypsy Madonna”, which is not of an actual Romani woman, but got its name long after the artist died. The name of the painting is not only offensive on its own, but the reasoning behind the painting name was based on the appearance of the woman; i.e. if it looks too “Gypsy”, it cannot be White & must be “Gypsy”, which is a racist way of thinking. When called out by several bloggers, many of whom weren’t even Romani, MedievalPoC offered no response nor an apology.

Mind you, this was all after Tumblr Roma called them out for stating that Romani couldn’t be included because we’re “too White”, and again claiming that because they’re American, they have the right to make such claims even though we are the largest [non-White] ethnic minority in all of Europe

Can I repeat that again: MedievalPoC has a record of Whitewashing and speaking over Romani & Jewish individuals on a blog about non-White Europeans in historical art. They effectively exclude the two largest historical and modern non-White ethnic groups in all of Europe. 

The simple act of White-washing Romani & Jewish Europeans is just awful and abhorrent, as both ethnic groups have long histories of slavery, oppression & forced assimilation. Gee, how might an indisputably brown ethnic group have come to be fairer skinned after hundreds of years of slavery and oppression in Europe? Let’s think about the implications of that. 

They have labeled Greeks & Macedonians as “PoC” and when actual Greek & Macedonian scholars have corrected their information, offered valid sources & criticisms, they are subsequently portrayed as “biased” or “racist”, even though Greek & S. Slavic art & academia have their own history of being White-washed by Western Europeans. 

They entirely ignore ethnic divisions within Europe, which effectively homogenizes all “White” [according to them] European ethnic groups & erases numerous Indigenous European populations that are not always viewed as “White”. There is no mention anywhere on their blog that both modern & historical European racism is largely ethnic based, which leads many of their followers to wrongly believe that European racism operates in the same manner as American racism because they analyze European history and art through an American lens. They are also 100% unapologetic about it. 

They’ve been called out for posting Orientalist art without discussing the content or problems of that piece of art. 

They referred to Adyghe people as “Circassian”, an exonym, and labeled them as “PoC”, but they support bloggers who White-washed Chechens following the Boston Marathon bombing. It is likely that since they follow the bloggers who were doing this, that they, too, re-blogged or commented on such posts. There is, generally, an obvious disregard when it comes to asking the preferred racial or ethnic identity of certain groups of people. They also seem to only want to include certain ethnic groups as “PoC” [whether these groups view themselves as such or not] when it is convenient and can get them more notes or followers. 

They insinuate that there were “PoC” within all of Europe during the entire Middle Ages & that every single White European would have seen a brown or black skinned person in their lifetime. While there were obvious “PoC” [by modern American standards] in parts of Europe, there were still many remote regions and small towns or villages where the inhabitants would never have seen anyone who didn’t look like them in their lifetime. Other than the fact that this claim is simply not true, by insinuating that “race” was even a “thing” in Medieval times & that Europeans thought on the basis of race completely disregards the historical ethnic tensions that were the basis not only for modern European racism, but also modern American racism. Modern American racism started with racial antisemitism in Europe, but since they buy into the “White Jews” myth and ignore Jewish & Romani objections to how we are portrayed on their blog, they probably wouldn’t know this. No, history doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so why are they putting it in a giant American Oreck?!

They un-apologetically speak over European academics & simply ignore them when it is proven that they have posted inaccurate or offensive material. 

They labeled an historical figure who is 15 times removed from their African ancestry as “PoC” based on faulty assumptions about a poem that had been written about her. In actuality, the offensive language win the poem had nothing to do with her African ancestry, but was a common generalization used against Slavic Europeans. Yet again, they have used misinformation to speak over historically marginalized European ethnic groups & engaged in the erasure of any previously experienced or modern ethnocentrism such ethnic groups face. 

They post pictures of individuals who were likely not, and in some cases proven to not be PoC, which is entirely negligent. Picking out people depicted with slightly darker skin & slapping the “PoC” label on them is entirely antithetical to the purpose of the blog. Not only is it inaccurate and offensive [as with the “Gypsy Madonna” case], but it destroys the very notion that Europe is quite ethnically diverse and has been for centuries. It indirectly erases a multitude of ethnic based slaveries, genocides, and oppressions because it homogenizes all European ethnic groups. You cannot just decide the ethnicity of a person in a picture because they appear look like they may be PoC. 

There is far more basis to the criticisms of MedievalPoC than their “fans” want to admit. When you have some of the largest European ethnic minorities claiming that what you’re doing is harmful, offensive, and actually undermines us, you’re probably doing something very problematic. 

As a Roma woman, I am all for representation, but it needs to be accurate and responsible representation.  You cannot skew the discourse & then justify it because “I’m American”. That type of thinking already dominates the global discourse on racism & ethnocentrism. That type of thinking actually contributes to modern ethnic violence in Europe. Because, guess what, history doesn’t exist in a vacuum..

There are Black Europeans on this site, there are E. & S. Asian Europeans on this site, there are Romani & Jewish Europeans on this site, there are Indigenous Europeans on this site, there are plenty of PoC/non-White Europeans on here who currently live, work, and attend universities in Europe and are more than qualified to discuss representation in European art in a way that is sensitive to both historical and modern racism & ethnocentrism in Europe. Let them have a voice for once. 

I seriously had high hopes for that blog. I love the thought of representing non-White individuals in both modern and historical art, but you don’t have to do so while actively stepping on and speaking over already marginalized ethnic groups. That is no okay. 

The danger in the BNP's 'indigenous Brits only' food banks


The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is bigger than that. Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys set up generations ago to continue working on the behalf of whites at other people’s expense, whether whites know/like it or not. Racism is an insidious cultural disease. It is so insidious that it doesn’t care if you are a white person who likes black people; it’s still going to find a way to infect how you deal with people who don’t look like you. Yes, racism looks like hate, but hate is just one manifestation. Privilege is another. Access is another. Ignorance is another. Apathy is another. And so on. So while I agree with people who say no one is born racist, it remains a powerful system that we’re immediately born into. It’s like being born into air: you take it in as soon as you breathe. It’s not a cold that you can get over. There is no anti-racist certification class. It’s a set of socioeconomic traps and cultural values that are fired up every time we interact with the world. It is a thing you have to keep scooping out of the boat of your life to keep from drowning in it. I know it’s hard work, but it’s the price you pay for owning everything.

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he motherfucking dropped the truth.

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This video of Osric Chau and his brother Owen has circulated on Tumblr before, but I felt the need to repost it in light of the posts coming out of ChiCon ‘13. 

Look, y’all, I appreciate that Osric has a certain baby-faced charm to his looks, and that he, like most normal-sized people, appears diminutive next to Jensen and Jared, and that he’s very high-energy and extroverted and appears to have an excellent, irreverent sense of humor. I get all that. 

That does not make him a baby, or a pet, or a child, or a monkey, or an accessory, or any of the other weirdly infantilized adjectives that I’m seeing people, mostly young white women, let’s be honest, call a grown-ass 27-year-old professional-grade athlete.

But wait, Andrea, what is all this crankiness? Why are you policing people’s squee? Aren’t people allowed to find him cute? Of course it is totally okay. I personally find Osric to be a very attractive man. He’s on the CW, a network that historically hates ugly. You know those height minimum signs on carnival roller-coasters? It’s like that with the CW and hotness. You must be this hot to ride that ride.

So, yes, cute may be a word I use to describe Osric Chau - cute as in a cute guy who is sexy and would turn my head if he walked by me at a bar and have you seen those arms because damn - not as in cute OMG he reminds me of my 3-year-old cousin lemme pinch those cheeks. The former is okay; the latter is frankly racist.

Because Osric is one of the very few Asian men on television right now. I mean, that’s a fact - there are very few recurring Asian male TV characters right now. Off the top of my head, I can only think of a handful and he’s one of them. And, precariously, he’s playing a role much younger than his real age, in a position of social subordination to two older white men. That is treading dangerous narrative waters already; there is no need to make it worse by continually comparing him to a baby or a pet. 

Look, the reality is that Western media is consistently and collectively terrified of Asian male sexuality, to the point where emasculated, child-like, adorably unthreatening Asian male characters are a fucking racist trope. There are a lot of reasons for this and there is a lot of intersection of homophobia, racism and sexism behind those reasons. The aggressive media de-sexualization and infantilization of Asian males has a long and sordid and well-documented history

Let me tell you a really sad story I’m mad about 6 years later still. Back in 2007, I wrote a blurb for an online magazine I was writing for at the time, about how the casting call for an Asian-American actor to play Harvey Milk’s staffer Michael Wong in the film Milk included very de-sexualized Asian nerd language like "fiercely intelligent and asexual." This came from the casting director’s office and was approved by Gus Van Sant himself, and obviously I thought that was very iffy.

The piece led to the real Michael Wong emailing me to say that he, too, had strongly objected to the casting call’s description; that he didn’t think himself particularly nerdy and he certainly was in no way, shape or form “asexual” and had been really taken aback by news of the casting call for the film, for which he was not consulted or contacted at all. This is how our current media narratives treat Asian men: unthreatening, child-like and sexless, too naive to have a voice in their own stories.

And you know what, this is especially jarring because I TRULY don’t think any of those adjectives apply to Osric Chau. Please see video above. Like I really think you need to stretch mentally to try to call him any of those things. Rewatch it if you feel the need to squee about what a cute little precious adorable infant pet panda he is. The man is pushing 30 and could kick pretty much anyone’s ass. You stop that right now.

That he plays a somewhat naive character (very convincingly, yes) and seems to have a silly unselfconscious sense of humor does not mean he is a child or a pet or whatever other weird thing the SPN fandom has decided to label him as at the moment. By contrast, Misha Collins, a white man who is a mere decade older than Osric, is also smaller than Jared and Jensen and also plays a naive character and also has a ridiculous sense of humor, yet I don’t see the fandom persistently and ubiquitously labeling him as a child, accessory or an animal. 

I told Clari-Clyde that this was bothering me last night but I wasn’t even going to post this because, bless y’all’s hearts, the Supernatural fandom is intense and I hesitate in engaging its wankier factions as this post might. However, this morning I woke up to see 3 more posts on my dash comparing Osric to a baby/child/pet and I just feel like someone, somewhere, needs to be saying this.

So, yes, Osric Chau is indeed baby-faced and playful, but he is an adult, he’s very hot, he’s quite sexy and he could indeed be threatening if he wanted to. If you feel the need to describe him otherwise, maybe think about it and read some of those links up there before hitting “Publish.” And then maybe don’t.

Just leaving this here.

All important points.

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Mostly, the “article” is an image-heavy/minimal writing summary of the soapie series, attempting to out Nyong’o as a pretender to the Oscar Throne. Its investigative journalism tactics go something like this: see! Nyong’o was a Bad Girl on TV. On Low Culture African MTV. So don’t go putting her on the pedestal reserved for Very Special Black Persons. And oh, the horror! She isn’t the 21st century’s version of Grace Kelly that you think you know and adore! (BTW, Grace Kelly was no white-gloved virgin: it’s well-documented that she pursued her costars and directors – Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Ray Milland, Bing Crosby and William Holden among them, many of whom were married or attached – long before she married Mr. Prince of Monaco.) If you still don’t get the message, the writer adds that “The Miu Miu model…used to have a labret piercing.” WTF is a “labret” you ask? A lip. Lupita had a lip piercing. As do ½ of my students.

So is Nyong’o now sullied because instead of being a demure, “serious” actor, she’s been a sexpot in a sex-plot heavy health/awareness drama? All this breathless rhetoric outing Nyong’o as a pierced vamp is about relegating her to the position of black sex object, removing her intellect, formal training, and talent. Her integrity and character are in question, according to the obvious nudge-wink inferences made here. It’s like she can’t play both roles — gracious person of strength, and sexy vamp (and I stress play; after all, Nyong’o is acting in both the soap and the film that made her world-famous, rather than being “herself”, whatever and whoever that is).

Note to the Daily Mail: Lupita’s been seen by millions as hot stuff long before she got the “gracious black woman” role on the red carpet, and you all decided to exoticise and fetishise her blackness.

*GASP* Daily Mail’s found out about Lupita’s Dark, Sexy past (via thefemaletyrant)




mass effect + characters of color

Ashley and Kaiden aren’t white?

Kaidan’s face model is Brazilian and Ashley’s voice actress is black (if folks want to argue that she is light skinned/passing, we come in all shades so take it somewhere else), so I was happy to see them included in this photoset ^_^

Setting aside the fact that this is completely obvious to anyone with a functioning set of eyes who played the first two games (the ones where they weren’t whitewashed to death), Ashley is Latina by Word of God and it’s blatantly obvious when you see General Williams (her grandfather) in the comics that tell the Illusive Man’s back story.

Kaidan has significant ties to two major Asian population centers—he was at bare minimum conceived in Singapore if not born there, since the incident at the Singapore spaceport was what made him a biotic. Occam’s razor says his mother is Singaporean. And he was raised in Vancouver, which has an enormous APIA population even right now IRL 2014. This coupled with his (pre-whitewashed) appearance leaves no doubts.

In addition, Drew Karpyshyn, the original creator of the franchise, has stated that humanity is majority mixed in the 22nd century. 100% white people are a distinct minority, as are stereotypically white features (Kahlee Sanders’ blonde hair is said to be unusual, in one example). This is borne out in any number of sources in game and tie in sources, though by the time 3 came around things clearly got more whitewashed in game. But Kaidan and Ashley’s racially ambiguous appearance in the first game is meant to be representative of this bit of canon, given that they are the two major humans in the cast who are not Commander Shepard.

Unless you just got here and have only played the last game where they were whitewashed to hell and back, there is literally no reason for thinking Ashley and Kaidan are white, besides Whiteness on the brain. When people continually ask, “Ashley and Kaidan are white?!” they are centering white as default, in assuming light-skinned characters are white demanding “proof” that they are not, and generally arguing with folk like prosecutors and these characters’ brownness is on trial. Like I said last night when people were showing their asses about it, this franchise has been out since 2007 and this issue has been discussed ad nauseum in the fandom. Receipts have been provided over and over again. At this point, if Ash and Kaidan’s ethnicities is brand new information to you, you are either brand new to the franchise, or you have some shit to unpack.

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