Winston Churchill on homosexuality: “Doesn’t it make you proud to be British.”


Churchill was woken by his secretary with the news that a back bench MP had been caught naked on Hampstead Heath, having sex with a Grenadier Guard. Churchill asked “Wasn’t it very cold last night”? Yes said the secretary, actually it was one of the coldest nights this year. “Doesn’t it make you proud to be British.” said Churchill.

(via adaisyintherain)

Although the quote is thought to be true, this is not Churchill on homosexuality. This is Churchill on the resolve of the British, to face the elements and get naked in the cold. If this had been Churchill’s support/favourability towards homosexuality, gay wartime hero Alan Turing, who created the enigma machine, helped turn the tide of the war, and was the father of modern computers, wouldn’t have been chemically castrated for being a homosexual.