CM/Mass Effect AU | Spencer Reid | Human Scientist [Sentinel → Guardian]

Spencer Reid was born on Watson, to a teacher mother and an attorney father. His mother suffered from schizophrenia, and when he was ten his father abandoned them. Spencer looked after his mother on his own until he was eighteen, when he agreed to join the Jon Grissom Academy as long as his mother could be put into proper full-time care.

At the academy Reid was able to train his biotic abilities, that had been left untrained due to his childhood circumstance, and his high intelligence led him to excel academically too. By twenty he was published several times over, and was looking into various research and development positions when he was recruited straight out of the academy by Jason Gideon, a long-time patron of the institute, to join the SSV Bau’s mission.

Reid has often felt out of place on the team, since even though he’s had biotic training, he hasn’t come from a military background like the majority of the team, and his skill set is notably more covert. That didn’t stop his team mates helping him to learn and develop his combat skills, and he has grown proficient in biotic and technical defence, and the use of small arms. His combat skills are best suited to disabling enemy defences and enhancing his team’s own.

In the aftermath of being held captive and drugged, Reid struggled with dependency on Videlicet, the sudden disappearance of Gideon only compounding the problem. After several months he got himself off drugs, and has remained drug-free since.

Most of his research has been related to the problem that various species have with brain conditions, and his success has earned him much needed funding, while the SSV Bau gives him opportunity he wouldn’t have in a stationary lab. Beyond that, he is a key member of the special forces team, and incidents involving scientific abuses and the abuse of vulnerable people especially rile him.