AU Meme | Prentiss/Todd, secret lovers in the 50s

"So, that new Disney toon about the dogs is playing," Jordan said, smiling as she watched Emily twirl the flower between her fingers. "Derek knows the manager of the theater down by the Italian restaurant, I could get him to let you in, if you’re with me. Nobody’ll mind, I’ll vouch for you."

Emily looked like she desperately wanted to say yes, but instead she met Jordan’s gaze sadly. “My father’s inviting the mayor for dinner, and his son’s ‘eligible’. The daughter of a councillor doesn’t get to have a girl for a sweetheart, especially a girl… like you.”

"You mean a fantastic girl with legs to heaven and payday money to spend?"

There was a beat, and then Emily smiled. “Yeah, that kinda girl.”

"What if I promise to get you back for dinner? Your daddy doesn’t ever have to know." If her charming smile ever worked, she willed it to work then; she couldn’t walk away.

"Alright," Emily nodded, peering around to make sure her mother wasn’t looking out from the house, when she turned back her eyes were live with excitement. "Let’s go."